For bearing systems that need advanced protection, we are proud to offer Solution 2000 Premium Copper Antiseize from MRO. Some systems can easily become susceptible to corrosion, especially in demanding industrial environments; Solution 2000 helps to eliminate seizing, stripping, galling, and corrosion for bearing systems in the most strenuous conditions.

Solution 2000 is composed of a specialized blend of copper and graphite, especially suited for applications at the highest temperatures. Providing non-corrosive protection for most metal surfaces, this product not only makes metal part assembly and disassembly much easier, but it also extends fastener life and maintains full integrity in temperatures up to 2000° F.

At Emerson Bearing, we offer Solution 2000 Antiseize in brush top cans, flat top cans, pails, drums, aerosol cans, and pouches in volumes ranging from 2 grams all the way up to 425 lbs. This product meets and exceeds the toughest industrial and military standards, including MIL-A-907-E.

For more information about this product or the wealth of applications that it can benefit, reach out to our team today.

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Fel-Pro Loctite P/N

Antiseize Technology P/N

NeverSeez P/N

Jet-Lube P/N

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10101 N/A 4 0Z. N/A Brush Top Can N/A 51144 (C5A) N/A 11005 N/A NS-40 NSBT4 N/A 10055 12555 QUOTE
10102 N/A 8 OZ. N/A Brush Top Can N/A 51147 CC5A) N/A 11010 N/A NSBT-8 N/A 10002 12502 QUOTE
10103 N/A 10 OZ. N/A Brush Top Can N/A 51005 (C5A) N/A 11010 N/A N/A QUOTE
10104 N/A 1 LB. N/A Flat Top Can N/A 51006 (C5A) N/A 11016 N/A NS-160 N/A QUOTE
10106 N/A 1 LB. N/A Brush Top Can N/A 51007 (C5A) N/A 11018 N/A NSBT-16 N/A 10004 12504 QUOTE
10108 N/A 2.5 LB. N/A Flat Top Can N/A 51008 (C5A) N/A 11025 N/A N/A 10007 12507 QUOTE
10110 N/A 8 LB. N/A Flat Top Can N/A 51009 (C5A) N/A 11030 N/A NS-168 N/A 10091 12523 QUOTE
10112 N/A 25 LB. N/A Pail N/A 51010 (C5A) N/A N/A N/A 10092 QUOTE
10114 N/A 42 LB. N/A Pail N/A 51011 (C5A) N/A 11050 N/A NS-42B N/A 10093 12524 QUOTE
10116 N/A 425 LB. N/A Drum N/A 51146 (C5A) N/A N/A NS-425B N/A 10029 QUOTE
10175 N/A 12 OZ. N/A Aerosol Can N/A 51003 (C5A) N/A 11014 N/A NSA-16 N/A 10041 QUOTE
10190 N/A 2 GRAMS N/A Pouch N/A 51299 (C5A) N/A N/A N/A QUOTE
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