• Antiseize & Lubricant Products- Solution 800

    A molybdenum disulfide paste designed to safeguard against extreme pressure, temperatures, and corrosive environments, the Emerson MRO Solution 800 illustrates how we set the standard for premium bearing lubrication and protection — even under the harshest industrial conditions.

    By maintaining low friction coefficient and superior lubricity, Solution 800 provides excellent protection against scoring, scuffing, and wear. Able to withstand high loads, this Solution is frequently used for high-stress bolting and press-fit applications.

    Solution 800 paste blocks metal-to-metal contact, maximizing bearing longevity. It also protects parts from the hazards of rust, galling, and corrosion when used as an anti-seize product. Specially formulated for harsh environments, this low friction paste withstands temperatures up to 800°F when used as a lubricant and up to 2400°F when utilized in antiseize applications.

    Our moly lubricant paste is available in multiple configurations to suit the needs of virtually any project requirements. We offer MRO Solution 800 in brush top, flat top, and aerosol cans in volumes of 8 oz., 12 oz., 1 lb., and 15 lbs. 

    Contact us directly for further information about Solution 800 or any of our other adhesives, sealants, or aerosols.

  • Antiseize & Lubricant Products- Solution 1000

    SOLUTION 1000 FOOD GRADE ANTISEIZE is formulated specifically for use at food processing plants in which contact to food may occur. This product is safe for incidental food contact.

    SOLUTION 1000 protects stainless steel and other alloy materials found in the food industry. Prevents seizing, galling, rust and corrosion. Lubricates stainless bolt threads while easing assembly and disassembly of metal fasteners. SOLUTION 1000 has excellent water resistance. Material is a soft white antiseize paste and is temperature resistant to 1000 ° F. MRO Solutions 1000 Food Grade Antiseize contains only ingredients recognized by the FDA as safe for Incidental Food Contact as published in 21 CFR Parts 170-190. Meets MIL-A-907-E.

  • Antiseize & Lubricant Products- Solution 1800

    MRO Solutions leads the industry in providing effective, high quality anti-seizing compounds. Essential for the prevention of galling, seizing, stripping, and corrosion, general purpose antiseize is frequently used across all varieties of bearing applications.

    Without anti-seize compounds, corrosion can cause fasteners and bearings to seize up after long periods of service. Removal then becomes difficult, sometimes involving cutting or drilling to take out heavily corroded components; this process can slow or stop production, creating costly downtime.

    At Emerson Bearing, we offer a number of excellent options for anti-seize compounds, including Solution 1800 General Purpose Antiseize. Composed of copper, graphite, and aluminum in a high quality grease base, Solution 1800 offers outstanding protection and maximum lubrication.

    Solution 1800 not only makes for the easiest assembly and disassembly of all relevant metal components, but also increases longevity by reducing wear and friction in bolt threads. This MRO brand is of the highest quality, meeting or surpassing military standards, including MIL-A-907-E.

    We offer Solution 1800 General Purpose Antiseize in 8 oz. and 1 lb. brush top cans. For more information about Solution 1800 or any of our other anti-seize or lubricant products, contact us today.

  • Antiseize & Lubricant Products- Solution 2000

    For bearing systems that need advanced protection, we are proud to offer Solution 2000 Premium Copper Antiseize from MRO. Some systems can easily become susceptible to corrosion, especially in demanding industrial environments; Solution 2000 helps to eliminate seizing, stripping, galling, and corrosion for bearing systems in the most strenuous conditions.

    Solution 2000 is composed of a specialized blend of copper and graphite, especially suited for applications at the highest temperatures. Providing non-corrosive protection for most metal surfaces, this product not only makes metal part assembly and disassembly much easier, but it also extends fastener life and maintains full integrity in temperatures up to 2000° F.

    At Emerson Bearing, we offer Solution 2000 Antiseize in brush top cans, flat top cans, pails, drums, aerosol cans, and pouches in volumes ranging from 2 grams all the way up to 425 lbs. This product meets and exceeds the toughest industrial and military standards, including MIL-A-907-E.

    For more information about this product or the wealth of applications that it can benefit, reach out to our team today.

  • Antiseize & Lubricant Products- Solution 2500

    SOLUTION 2500 is a premium grease, calcium, and graphite blend which has been formulated for heavy duty applications. It is lead free and contains no copper or nickel, making it the preferred choice of refineries and chemical plants. SOLUTION 2500 protects parts from corrosion, rust, galling and seizing. Lubricates bolt threads while easing assembly and disassembly of metal parts, including stainless steel and soft metals. SOLUTION 2500 is non-corrosive and prevents metal to metal contact. Temperature resistant to 2500 ° F. Meets MIL-A-907-E.

  • Antiseize & Lubricant Products- Solution 2600

    Bearings intended for use in extreme environments must be designed with the most advanced protection available. At Emerson Bearing, our selection of antiseize and lubricants provides cutting-edge resistance to the harshest industrial conditions, whether they involve chemicals, excessive moisture, high temperatures, or other severe environments.

    As its name implies, Solution 2600 Premium Nickel Antiseize is specially designed to endure extreme temperatures up to 2600 °F. Fabricated from a nickel and graphite blend, this product is free of copper and lead, providing non-corrosive protection and acid resistance.

    Not only does Solution 2600 withstand high temperatures, but the antiseize is also resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and rust in addition to protecting parts from seizing and galling. It acts as a lubricant too, making stainless steel and soft metal parts easy to assemble and disassemble.

    Our Premium Nickel Antiseize is available in brush top, flat top, and aerosol cans, as well as pails. It meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards, including MIL-A-907-E.

    Solution 2600 is just one of a complete line of lubricants, adhesives, sealants, and aerosols available from Emerson Bearing. Contact us today for further information or to request a quote.