Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearings utilize Silicon Nitride balls with steel inner and outer rings. These hybrids out perform traditional steel bearings in many ways. They eliminate electrical arcing or fluting. Bearing service life is two to five times longer as the ceramic balls exhibit reduced surface and adhesive wear. Running speeds can be up to 50% higher while providing higher upper end temperature limits. The higher modulus of elasticity also improves spindle rigidity which improves vibration characteristics and performance. Recommended applications include: Machine Tools, Electric Motors and Generators, Traction motors, Woodworking machinery, Food Processing, Centrifuges, X Ray tubes and Robotics.
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6305-ZZC3CERHY N/A 25 mm0.984 in N/A 62 mm2.441 in N/A 17 mm0.669 in QUOTE
6306-ZZC3CERHY N/A 30 mm1.181 in N/A 72 mm2.835 in N/A 19 mm0.748 in QUOTE
6307-ZZC3CERHY N/A 35 mm1.378 in N/A 80 mm3.150 in N/A 21 mm0.827 in QUOTE
6308-ZZC3CERHY N/A 40 mm1.575 in N/A 90 mm3.543 in N/A 23 mm0.906 in QUOTE
6309-ZZC3CERHY N/A 45 mm1.772 in N/A 100 mm3.937 in N/A 25 mm0.984 in QUOTE
6310-ZZC3CERHY N/A 50 mm1.969 in N/A 110 mm4.331 in N/A 27 mm1.063 in QUOTE
6311-ZZC3CERHY N/A 55 mm2.165 in N/A 120 mm4.724 in N/A 29 mm1.142 in QUOTE
6312-ZZC3CERHY N/A 60 mm2.362 in N/A 130 mm5.118 in N/A 31 mm1.220 in QUOTE
6313-ZZC3CERHY N/A 65 mm2.559 in N/A 140 mm5.512 in N/A 33 mm1.299 in QUOTE
6314-ZZC3CERHY N/A 70 mm2.756 in N/A 150 mm5.906 in N/A 35 mm1.378 in QUOTE
6315-ZZC3CERHY N/A 75 mm2.953 in N/A 160 mm6.299 in N/A 37 mm1.457 in QUOTE
6316-ZZC3CERHY N/A 80 mm3.150 in N/A 170 mm6.693 in N/A 39 mm1.535 in QUOTE
6317-ZZC3CERHY N/A 85 mm3.346 in N/A 180 mm7.087 in N/A 41 mm1.614 in QUOTE
6318-ZZC3CERHY N/A 90 mm3.543 in N/A 190 mm7.480 in N/A 43 mm1.693 in QUOTE
6319-ZZC3CERHY N/A 95 mm3.740 in N/A 200 mm7.874 in N/A 45 mm1.772 in QUOTE
6320-ZZC3CERHY N/A 100 mm3.937 in N/A 215 mm8.465 in N/A 47 mm1.850 in QUOTE
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