A molybdenum disulfide paste designed to safeguard against extreme pressure, temperatures, and corrosive environments, the Emerson MRO Solution 800 illustrates how we set the standard for premium bearing lubrication and protection — even under the harshest industrial conditions.

By maintaining low friction coefficient and superior lubricity, Solution 800 provides excellent protection against scoring, scuffing, and wear. Able to withstand high loads, this Solution is frequently used for high-stress bolting and press-fit applications.

Solution 800 paste blocks metal-to-metal contact, maximizing bearing longevity. It also protects parts from the hazards of rust, galling, and corrosion when used as an anti-seize product. Specially formulated for harsh environments, this low friction paste withstands temperatures up to 800°F when used as a lubricant and up to 2400°F when utilized in antiseize applications.

Our moly lubricant paste is available in multiple configurations to suit the needs of virtually any project requirements. We offer MRO Solution 800 in brush top, flat top, and aerosol cans in volumes of 8 oz., 12 oz., 1 lb., and 15 lbs. 

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Unit of Measure


N/A 15 LB.


N/A Flat Top Can

Fel-Pro Loctite P/N

N/A 51145

Antiseize Technology P/N

N/A 12055

NeverSeez P/N


Jet-Lube P/N

N/A 28023