SOLUTION 1000 FOOD GRADE ANTISEIZE is formulated specifically for use at food processing plants in which contact to food may occur. This product is safe for incidental food contact.

SOLUTION 1000 protects stainless steel and other alloy materials found in the food industry. Prevents seizing, galling, rust and corrosion. Lubricates stainless bolt threads while easing assembly and disassembly of metal fasteners. SOLUTION 1000 has excellent water resistance. Material is a soft white antiseize paste and is temperature resistant to 1000 ° F. MRO Solutions 1000 Food Grade Antiseize contains only ingredients recognized by the FDA as safe for Incidental Food Contact as published in 21 CFR Parts 170-190. Meets MIL-A-907-E.
Unit of Measure


N/A 2 LB.


N/A Flat Top Can

Fel-Pro Loctite P/N

N/A 51170

Antiseize Technology P/N

N/A 31025 41025