SOLUTION 2500 is a premium grease, calcium, and graphite blend which has been formulated for heavy duty applications. It is lead free and contains no copper or nickel, making it the preferred choice of refineries and chemical plants. SOLUTION 2500 protects parts from corrosion, rust, galling and seizing. Lubricates bolt threads while easing assembly and disassembly of metal parts, including stainless steel and soft metals. SOLUTION 2500 is non-corrosive and prevents metal to metal contact. Temperature resistant to 2500 ° F. Meets MIL-A-907-E.
Unit of Measure


N/A 2 LB.


N/A Flat Top Can

Fel-Pro Loctite P/N

N/A 51607

Antiseize Technology P/N

N/A 20025

Jet-Lube P/N

N/A 15507