TW "Super Series" Inch Dimension Style
This series features:
  • Increased Load Capacity
  • Increased Travel Life
  • Self Aligning Capability
  • Floating Integral Wiper Seal
  • Low Noise and Weight
  • Available in Open Style
  • Unit of Measure


    (dr) Shaft Diameter

    N/A 0.5000 in

    (dr) Tolerance

    N/A 0 in

    (D) Outer Diameter

    N/A 0.8750 in

    (L) Length

    N/A 1.250 in

    (L) Tolerance

    N/A 0 in

    (B) Distance btwn Retaining Rings

    N/A 1.032 in

    (B) Tolerance

    N/A 0 in

    (W) Retaining Ring Width

    N/A 0.0459 in

    (D1) Retaining Ring Diameter

    N/A 0.8209 in

    Ball Diameter

    N/A 3/32 in

    Number of Rows

    N/A 4

    (C) Dynamic Load

    N/A 230 lb

    (Co) Static Load

    N/A 290 lb


    N/A 0.042 lb


    N/A Standard Type

    Seal Type

    N/A No Seals

    Available Housing Types

    NB TOPBALL Slide Units include a clear anodized corrosion resistant aluminum block and either one or two TOPBALL self-aligning slide bushings Closed and adjustable clearance styles incorporate machined snap ring grooves in combination with standard retaining rings for slide bush retention. The open style incorporates bottom plates and mounting screws to retain bushing in proper position. All styles are provided with standard machined reference edges for proper alignment and installation.

    Bearing Dimensions

    Different Housing Types