• ANSI Simplex Roller Chain

    Roller Chains are one of the primary ways to provide mechanical power transmission. Roller chains are available from a pitch of 1/4" to 3" ( the distance between the centers of adjacent flexing joints). A chain is noteworthy in the options for corrosion resistance available as well as the attachments that can be added to accomplish a specific task. Conforms to JIS and ANSI standards.

  • Oil Field Roller Chain 1

    These are high energy chains that conform to B29.1 ANSI specifications as well as the oil field industries API 7F7 Sstandards. They feature Ballized plates, Wide Waisted Link plates, Special hook cotters which resist shearing and maintain poisition under stress and coated T Pins in larger sizes. They also feature Solid Rollers and shot peened side bars.

  • Leaf Chain pic

    Leaf Chains are made for high load, slow speed tension linkages. Often they are specified for reciprocating motion lifting devices. The chains are typically supplied to a specific length and connected to a clevis at each end. Leaf chains are available in AL or BL style. The BL is preferred as they conform to the ASME/ANSI B29.8 american standard.