Available with:
  • Set screw or eccentric locking collar.
  • Corrosion resistant housing and bearing options include Cast iron, Stainless Steel, Thermoplastic and Nickel plating.
  • K-type seals or L3 triple lip seals available for extra sealing needs.
  • Round bolt holes
  • Narrow inner race bearing
  • Also available non-relubricatable.
  • Unit of Measure

    (d) Shaft Diameter

    N/A 1.25 in

    (A) Dimension

    N/A 4-13/16 in

    (E) Dimension

    N/A 3-15/16 in

    (I) Dimension

    N/A 33/64 in

    (G) Dimension

    N/A 33/64 in

    (L) Dimension

    N/A 15/16 in

    (S) Dimension

    N/A 15/32 in

    (B) Dimension

    N/A 3.5000 in

    (Z) Dimension

    N/A 1-7/16 in

    (Bi) Dimension

    N/A 1.2992 in

    (N) Dimension

    N/A 0.3740 in

    Bolt Used

    N/A 3/8 in

    Bearing No.

    N/A SB 207-20G

    Housing No.

    N/A LF 207G


    N/A 1.70 lb

    Common Options

    N/A BUC-- Black Oxide Coated insert CUC-- Hard Chrome Coated Insert HUC-- High Temperature Insert 400F L3-- Triple lip labyrinth seal NPPA-- Nickel Plated Housing S-- Stainless Steel Housing SUC-- Stainless Steel Insert TP-- Thermoplastic Housing