SOLUTION 600 HIGH TEMPERATURE RED RTV silicone sealant is a one part acetoxy cure sealant that cures in the presence of atmospheric moisture to produce a durable and flexible RTV silicone rubber.

SOLUTION 600 provides a long-lasting flexible seal and excellent adhesion to most surfaces. SOLUTION 600 is intended for a variety of general purpose and industrial applications and retains its elastomeric properties at temperatures up to 600°F intermittent to 650°F.

FDA-USDA approved. Meets and exceeds Federal specification TT-S-0230C and TT-S-001543A (Com-NBS), ASTM C 920 Type S, MIL-A4B106AType 1.

Unit of Measure

Sag or Slump

N/A Nil

Tack-Free Time at 77ºF. 50% RH

N/A <1 hour

Tooling Time

N/A 7 to 10 minutes

Durometer Hardness, Shore A

N/A 25

Ultimate Tensile Strength

N/A 245 psi

Tear Strength

N/A 25 ppi

Peel Strength

N/A 20 ppi

Curing time at 75ºF

N/A 5 to 7 days

Dynamic Joint Movement

N/A +/- 25%

Weatherability, 6000 hours weatherometer

N/A excellent