Inch Style Needle Roller Bearings provide a large load rating in a small space and can be used with or without inner rings. They are available in caged or full complement style. The full complement style is best suited for low speed or oscillating motion while the caged type is better for high speed applications. Load ratings are higher for full complement style bearings. For fitting accuracy the caged type is advantageous when fitting errors and shaft bending are relatively large. They are available with open or Closed ends.
Unit of Measure

Bore Size (Fraction)

N/A 1/2 in

Bore Size (Decimal)

N/A 0.500 in

Outer Diameter (Fraction)

N/A 11/16 in

Outer Diameter (Decimal)

N/A 0.687 in


N/A 0.375 in


N/A Add a 'G' prefix for a higher level of precision.