SOLUTION 2 is specifically formulated to be surface insensitive, medium cure, high performance, medium viscosity instant adhesive which bonds a wide range of similar and dissimilar materials. SOLUTION 2 works on acidic and contaminated surfaces. The medium viscosity allows up to .005 gap fill capacity. SOLUTION 2 works great on metal, wood, rubber, ceramics and most plastics.Temperature range: -65°F to 180°F. Meets MIL-A-4B050C TYPE II CLASS 2.
Replaces Loctite 404, 414 & 401
Unit of Measure

Chemical Type


Viscosity Range.Cp

N/A 80-120

Specific Gravity [25/4 C]

N/A 1.06

Flashpoint [-COC F]

N/A 185

Vapor Pressure [@ 70ºC]

N/A 8 mmHg

Melting Point

N/A 365 ºF

Softening Point

N/A 305 ºF

Refractive Index [n20 C/D +/-.03]

N/A 1.45

Hardness- Rockwell

N/A M58

Gap Filled Typical

N/A 0.005 in
Outgassing@10-61 N/A 0 mmHg


N/A <2 %

Tensile Strength Stee/Steel ASTM D-2095

N/A 4000 lb/in

Impact Strength Steel/Steel ASTM 950

N/A 3-5 ft-lb/in

Soluble In

  • 1 At 72º F