• MR Series

    Outer Ring and roller assembly with separable inner ring
    Outer ring and roller assemblies and associated inner rings are packed and shipped separately. For a complete bearing, Specify both outer and inner numbers desired.

  • MR series Without Ring

    Outer ring and roller assembly without separable inner ring
    The outer ring and roller assemblies (MR) shown in this table are for use without inner rings on a ground shaft for which a minimum hardness of 58 Rockwell "C" scale is recommended.

  • outer ring assembly

    Needle roller bearings contain long narrow rollers formed in a cylindrical shape. These types of needle rollers allow for contact with large surface areas on the outer ring. Needle bearings are frequently used in the automotive industry, due to their compact design, which is much smaller than other cylindrical rollers. Rocker arm pivots, drive shafts, transmissions, and compressors are all applications that employ needle roller bearings.

    MR series heavy duty needle roller bearings, which can be equipped with seals and inner rings, have an inner ring which is removable from the outer. In this configuration the rollers can ride directly on the shaft as long as the shaft has the proper Rockwell hardness and tolerance. This allows for a very compact design. To ensure a complete bearing that fits your needs, make certain that you specify both the inner and outer diameters, since each is packed separately.

    We also offer double seals, which are available with lips that are turned inward. This configuration is the most common, and allows for the retention of lubrication within the bearing. Other combinations of seals are available as per your specific needs.

    We are also capable of providing CAGEROL bearing sizes that are not listed as being available with seals. Bearing sizes are available in various bores from 0.3750 inches, and diameters starting at 1 inch.

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