The Craft Split Bearing offers the advantages of a conventional bearing with the added feature of being easily assembled around a shaft. The complete assembly is in halves to ease installation, inspection and / or replacement of piilow block bearings without removing or disrupting other elements of the system. Same day shipping of bore sizes 1-7/16" thru 12". Bearing types available are FL-- Float Bearing and HD-- Held Bearing.
Unit of Measure

(d) Shaft Diameter

N/A 2 1/4 in

Pedestal Housing

N/A PH 3
(A) Center Height1 N/A 3- 5/32 in

(B) Overall Length

N/A 11 in

(C) Width

N/A 2-3/4 in

(D) Dimension

N/A 1-1/4 in

(E) Minimum Bolt Dist.

N/A 8-7/8 in

(E) Maximum Bolt Dist.

N/A 9-1/2 in

(H) Height

N/A 7 in


N/A Two 5/8 in


N/A 25.4 lb

Bearing Type

N/A FL-- Float Bearing HD-- Held Bearing
  • 1 Bace to center height can be altered upon request