Roller Chains are one of the primary ways to provide mechanical power transmission. Roller chains are available from a pitch of 1/4" to 3" ( the distance between the centers of adjacent flexing joints). A chain is noteworthy in the options for corrosion resistance available as well as the attachments that can be added to accomplish a specific task. Conforms to JIS and ANSI standards.

Alternative dimensions are available, for critical engineering or construction requirements please confirm these dimensions with Emerson Bearing.

Model RC06B has Straight Side Plates.
Unit of Measure

(P) Pitch

N/A 3/8 in

Ult. Tensile Strength Min.

N/A 9.0 kN2045 lb


N/A Simplex

Chain Type

N/A ISO British Standard

Alternative P/N

N/A BS-455