Leaf Chains are made for high load, slow speed tension linkages. Often they are specified for reciprocating motion lifting devices. The chains are typically supplied to a specific length and connected to a clevis at each end. Leaf chains are available in AL or BL style. The BL is preferred as they conform to the ASME/ANSI B29.8 american standard.
Unit of Measure


N/A BL Series

(P) Pitch

N/A 3/4 in


N/A 2x3

(L) Over Rivets

N/A 0.76 in

(d) Pin Diameter

N/A 0.312 in

(H) Plate Height

N/A 0.7 in

(T) Plate Thickness

N/A 0.125 in

Tensile Strength

N/A 13,600 lb

Approx. Weight

N/A 1.15 lb/ft